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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Here at BigCommerce, diversity is our undeniable strength. Diversity of people, background, and thought has helped us build a culture of openness, inclusivity, and truth. It’s authentic and meaningful to us as a community.

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Extraordinary Opportunity

We have the opportunity to build not only a great business, but a great company, with soul. Our beliefs and commitment to diversity and inclusion are a central part of achieving that. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is grounded in two things: a moral belief in the dignity, value, and potential of every individual, and a practical belief that diverse, inclusive teams will create the best outcomes for our customers, partners, employees, and company. We welcome everyone to be a part of our journey.

Extraordinary Diversity

Here at BigCommerce, diversity is our undeniable strength. Diversity of people, background, and thought has helped us build a culture of openness, inclusivity, and truth. It’s authentic and meaningful to us as a community.



We celebrate the common values that unite us and the differences that make us unique. All our people can bring themselves and be themselves here, not just because that’s how you do your best work, but because we love the happiness, openness and fun that comes when diversity and understanding are a non-negotiable aspect of life.



Respect encompasses curiosity, patience, understanding, and fairness. At BigCommerce every one of us is treated with respect and dignity. We encourage the expression of every perspective, thought, and idea, and we don’t believe in “stupid questions.”

Equal Opportunity

Equality of Opportunity

Greatness is inherent in all people; this is fact to us here at BigCommerce. No matter their background or personal experiences, we strive to ensure every individual has an equal opportunity to grow - and smash the limits of their potential.

How Do We Do It?

We’re building a more diverse and inclusive BigCommerce:

Driven By Data@2X

Driven by Data

To make progress, we have to know where we stand. BigCommerce Today tracks diversity trends across workforce representation, hires, leavers, promotions, and pay equity. Using that data, we create our strategy for action. We also break them down into reports for each division of BigCommerce, so senior leaders can drive action in their part of the business.

Real Voices@2X

Real Voices

Starting in 2019, we conducted our first Inclusion Survey to go beyond just measuring representation, but to gain insights on how people from all backgrounds experience our culture here at BigCommerce. Listening to everybody’s voice lets us set and take targeted action to ensure respect and equity across the business.

Thinking Forward@2X

Thinking Forward

We’re investing in our future at BigCommerce, and that includes our commitment to diversity and inclusion. In 2020 we hired our first VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, to help us build on the foundations we have set and further integrate DEI into our every action.

Empowering Employees

Our many Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are led by staff volunteers who embody our diverse culture. We’re devoted to providing supportive, inclusive networks, promoting curiosity, sparking conversations, and developing awareness and respect in all people.



The mission of BCInColor is to create a safe environment for people of color and their allies within our work community that supports recruitment, retention, and professional advancement of our ethnically diverse employees at all levels.

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B-United is BigCommerce’s global ERG for veterans and anyone interested in learning about or helping to support the transition from military to civilian life. Our mission is to support veterans and their families both at work and in the wider community.

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BProud is the global ERG for LGBTQ+ and allies. Our mission is to build a united community within BigCommece, working to educate, give back to the community, and represent BigCommerce as an LGBTQ+ friendly environment.



BEmpowered is our global ERG for women, non-binary people, and allies. Our mission is to create a welcoming, inclusive space for all staff, to empower women and non-binary people through professional development, and to provide resources for helping these groups to thrive.

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BigFamily is BigCommerce's global employee resource group for employees who are caregivers and those who care about them. Whether you are a current or prospective caregiver, and whether your dependents are children, siblings, or elders, we want to support and advocate for you!

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