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Extraordinary Culture

We’re a group of clever, committed, curious people, unleashing talent in all we do. We believe in the power of togetherness, striving at the edge of what’s possible, impacting the lives of billions of people for the better. In all we do, We Do Extraordinary–and that’s no small feat!

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"Bucket 2"

“Bucket 2” is our guide on how we interact with each other, so we can Do Extraordinary in our work and our relationships with one another.

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Be Accountable

Our goals might be ambitious and challenging, but we all take accountability and responsibility to achieve them. We own our work–the learning curves as well as the success stories–facing every task with energy, resilience, and faith in ourselves and each other.

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Be Transparent

We’re open, honest, and straightforward in all we do–and that includes sharing positive and constructive feedback. We communicate with care and clarity, with our focus always being the end result and the benefit to the customer. This means people, progress and product can thrive in our culture of respectful candor.

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Be Inclusive

We celebrate the unique perspectives that every person of every background brings to the table. Our collective voice is strengthened and enriched by each individual contribution, and we are all empowered to achieve greatness by treating diversity and inclusion as non-negotiables in all we do.

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Be “Humbitious!”

That’s a portmanteau of “humble” and “ambitious” and it describes us perfectly. We approach all we do recognizing our limits, and welcome the chance to learn. We know success is earned through hard work, grit, and talent!!

Extraordinary Extras

An extraordinary team deserves extraordinary benefits. Our inclusive package focuses on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing; we want you to be living your best life every day, in every way.

Open Vacation

Open vacation policy for salaried employees

15 Days PTO + Paid Sick Time For Hourly Employees

15 days PTO plus paid sick time for hourly employees

Paid Volunteer

Paid volunteer time

Paid Parental + Newborn Child Sick Leave

Paid parental leave and newborn child sick leave

Adoption Assistance

Adoption assistance

Training & Development

Training and development

Education Reimbursement

Education reimbursement

Fully Stocked Kitchens

Fully-stocked kitchens

Extraordinary Diversity

Here at BigCommerce, diversity is our undeniable strength. Diversity of people, background, and thought has helped us build a culture of openness, inclusivity, and truth. It’s authentic and meaningful to us as a community.



We celebrate the common values that unite us and the differences that make us unique. All our people can bring themselves and be themselves here, not just because that’s how you do your best work, but because we love the happiness, openness and fun that comes when diversity and understanding are a non-negotiable aspect of life.



Respect encompasses curiosity, patience, understanding, and fairness. At BigCommerce every one of us is treated with respect and dignity. We encourage the expression of every perspective, thought, and idea, and we don’t believe in “stupid questions.”

Equal Opportunity

Equality of Opportunity

Greatness is inherent in all people; this is fact to us here at BigCommerce. No matter their background or personal experiences, we strive to ensure every individual has an equal opportunity to grow - and smash the limits of their potential.

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