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How We Hire

We get that applying for a new job is sort of like stepping into the unknown–and that’s always a little scary. So let us fill in some of the gaps for you, with our BigCommerce hiring process.

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Start With The Buckets

When we assess an application, we look at 2 different buckets of info about you:

  • Bucket 1: Technical. Your work experience, education, skill-sets… everything that technically qualifies you for the role.
  • Bucket 2: Our guide on how we behave and interact with each other every day. These behaviors are core to being a good teammate, help us live our company values and serve to protect our culture.
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Filling The Buckets

How you fill the Technical Bucket helps guide us on whether you have the right competencies and abilities to succeed in the job. We use the Character Bucket as a kind of litmus test, to ensure our culture is aligned across our global offices. 

That’s not to say we don’t want people who think differently. We love diverse input and ideas from all walks of life. Rather, we have key beliefs that we know make for a successful, happy working environment. So we need our people to believe in them too, so we can continue to Do Extraordinary.

Start The Journey With Us

You can expect a simple 6-step process from us. And right the way through, we’re super committed to keeping you involved and managing your expectations. If there are delays, we’ll let you know. We understand that this process can be a little nerve-wracking, whatever stage you’re at.

1. Application

Step 1: Check Out Our Openings

You’ve probably already guessed this, but everything starts with you exploring these careers pages and deciding if BigCommerce is for you! If you fancy bringing your extraordinary to the table, find the role for you, and send us your application.

5. Background Check

Step 2: We Start With You

A member of our Talent Acquisition team will review your application. If you’re a strong match, we’ll set up an informal chat with you (either by phone or video chat), where we can talk about the opportunity and see if you’d like to progress.

3. Skill Test

Step 3: Show Us Your Skills

In some cases, we’ll use a skills assessment to get an understanding of exactly what you can do. This is your chance to really strut your stuff, so brush up on your knowledge and show us exactly how you match up with Bucket 1.

2. Meet The Team

Step 4: Nice To Meet You

If you do well in your skills assessment, we’ll invite you in for a face-to-face chat (again, this might be a video call). You’ll meet the hiring team for your specific role, and it’s the perfect chance for you to show us how you match up with Buckets 1 and 2. Let your character shine!

4. Second Interview

Step 5: Do We Have A Match?

Once our team debriefs your interview and skills assessment, we’ll make a hiring decision. If it’s a yes from both sides, we’ll let you know our decision and the next steps!

6. Welcome Onboard

Step 6: Come Join Us!

Your first day will roll around before you know it! Whether you’ll be shaking actual real hands, or dialling in by video call, we can’t quite say. But we’ll stay close in your first weeks and months, with a detailed induction and onboarding plan. We’ll help you feel welcome, comfortable, connected with the right folks, and ready to join us as, together, We Do Extraordinary.

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